Facial cleaner with WIFI camera

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Blackhead facial cleaner, wire free, equipped with WIFI camera

Exclusive real-time visualization system:
Thanks to the integrated video camera and the WIFI connection with your smartphone, this tool has the ability to view our skin in real time like a microscope, making facial cleansing perfect.
It is also possible to zoom in / out so as to be able to provide more precision if necessary.

Safe and Effective:
It adopts innovative painless vacuum absorption technology, to vacuum blackhead, dead skin, residual make-up, acne and brufuli without damaging or irritating the skin, thus avoiding side effects.

Thanks to 3 adjustable suction levels and 5 interchangeable suction heads it is possible to act on different types of skin and areas, so as to be able to meet your needs.

Clear indications:
LED light indicators able to provide visualization of the suction and battery charge levels, so as to be able to monitor in real time the operating status and control.

Stable performance:
Thanks to an integrated 400mAh battery, performance is always stable and long-lasting. Furthermore, being equipped with a USB port, it can be recharged very easily.

Compact size:
Lightweight and portable design, suitable for home or professional use.

Technical specifications:
Material: ABS
Shell Color: White + Rose Gold
Maximum power: 2.5W
Rated voltage: 3.7-4.2V
Charging Parameters: 5V / 300MA
Battery capacity: 400MA
Charging time: 90 minutes
Standby Current: 20UA
Minimum Power: 0.8W
Aspiration: ≦ 53KPA
Execution sample:
Q / 4311251 LYKJ 008-2020
Product Dimensions:
189x44x59 mm / 7.44x1.73x2.32 inch

Package contents:
1 facial cleaner
5 interchangeable heads of different sizes and uses
1 x USB cable
1 user manual

The device is a highly effective professional product, however care must be taken in use, carefully read the user manual, keep away from children.
We always recommend starting from the lowest level and not dwelling on the area for more than 1-2 seconds, each skin is different so there is no rule that works for all people.

Furthermore, the product is not recommended, except for specific medical instructions, to the following people: people with skin diseases, skin allergies, dermatitis and severe sunburn, with skin lesions, eczema and swelling, or who are recovering from surgery. We will not be responsible for improper use of the device.